An American’s Story – The Novel

Main Characters

Gaston Delesdandroux is the young ‘officer in charge’ of the super-secret USNAS Crypto Center at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, 1961-1964.  Gaston is a reluctant hero, the product of a proud middle-class Roman Catholic family that valued tradition, an unlikely candidate for the CIA to use on what is the most important counter-espionage mission of the 1960’s. He is loving and supportive of his Creole wife Clair but also deeply entangled with Inga for nearly a decade.

Inga Scheyk is wealthy, elegant, amoral, highly educated and enticingly beautiful, but strong and independent, and the daughter of Claus. From their very first meeting, Gaston falls madly in love with Inga whose love he cannot avoid for a decade.

LTjg Terry Ness, USNAS Communications Officer, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and husband of Inga. He’s angry, ineffectual and bitter because the Navy won’t let him fly anymore because of kidney stones, and his security clearances are down-graded denying him access to the Crypto Center.

Clair Duplessis Delesdandroux, the stunningly beautiful Louisiana Creole who clings to her love for Gaston despite knowing about his involvement with Inga. Clair perseveres no matter what she endures, and during the entire 10 year ordeal, she remains feminine and focused on her marriage.

Claus Scheyk, billionaire chemical and arms dealer. In the context of what we know of human beings, Claus’s qualities are arrogance, conceit, jealousy, greed and prejudice, to name a few. He is in your face, intimidating and threatening. Somehow, all of these qualities enable him to make a fortune working simultaneously for the U.S. CIA, the Soviet Union, North Vietnam and various terrorists and Communists insurgencies of the 1960’s.

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