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What is “An American’s Story” about?


In 1961, Gaston Delesdandroux is a young Navy cryptographer with the highest of security clearances stationed at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. He is married to Clair, a stunningly beautiful Creole from Louisiana. Appointed as the ‘officer in charge’ of the USNAS Crypto Center, Gaston is recruited to become an agent for the CIA. His assignment is to determine the true identity of Inga, a beautiful, sensual but mysterious woman who is the daughter of billionaire weapons dealer Claus Scheyk. Gaston’s love affair with Inga lasted a decade. This is his story.

Written as a novel, the tumultuous sixties blend seamlessly with historical facts of the Cuban-Russian Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War along with first-time public disclosures of current events as they were in reality in the classified messages passing through Gaston’s hands. Gaston’s mission is to determine Inga’s origin and purpose as a possible Soviet KGB agent whose behavior is modified by Soviet behavior specialists.

The story is chilling as we follow his efforts to accomplish his mission by overcoming insurmountable odds. He succeeds in exposing Inga as the most important KGB agent ever disclosed, but at a price he was not willing to pay. Follow Gaston’s story from Jacksonville through Savannah, Washington, Helsinki and New Orleans as he battles the CIA for the truth about Inga and how he attempts to free Inga from the certain assassination of the CIA.


Editorial Reviews

“Gaston Delesdandroux has written quite the blockbuster with “An American Story”….I liked the book a lot…I have to give Gaston high marks for research, the factual aspects are very much right on the nail. I also liked his ‘first person’ style of writing, the reader is watching through the eyes of the author…” Simon Barrett, editor, BNN (600,000+ subscribers) (Read the entire review:

A classic Cold War epic but written for a new generation,” Gordon Huckleston, the New World Newsletter.


Most Recent Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn’t put this book down!!!!
This book can only be described in one word…INCREDIBLE!!! I saw this book and instantly bought it. The time and research he put into this book really shocked me.

Published 1 month ago by Debra C

5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting, suspenseful and gripping!
I picked up this book on a whim and once I started reading it I literally could not put it down! I was riveted …the story,, the characters…just great. Published 1 month ago by Love2Read


About the Author

Gaston Delesdandroux is a pseudonym for a well-known award-winning investigative journalist and author whose use of this pseudonym gives the author more freedom in expressing himself with candor and honesty on sensitive personal issues and on matters of national security.